GvIn The Movies: La La Land – Antara Impian dan Cita Citaif

13 03 2017

It’s only February and Hollywood churned out a movie that I feel is my personal movie of the year – LA LA LAND! 

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone gave an omg stellar performance and brought to life the character of Mia and Seb, stereotypical artistes trying to make it in the world.

Or one moreuj dream that I cannot make true?

A thing that I particularly want to talk about is about edreamsyh and ambitions. Impiano je dan cita cita. 

I asked my husband- if he thinks dreams and ambitions are two separate things and he said yes. 

He explained:

“Dream is like: wanting to naik haji, via manang lucky draw.

Ambition is: when u save up to naik haji.”

But I asked him, if you achieve your ambition (meaning u got enough money to naik haji) would u abandon your dream (winning lucky draw)?

WHe said yes. Dream is not something u spend so much focus on, when u do, it is called ambition.

I have the opposite opinion.

To me, dream and ambition is the same. Dream is ambition and ambition is dream.

I dream of one day visiting Iceland and seeing the Northern Lights. That is an ambition that I have had for so long. You work hard to achieve your dreams and you make your dreams come true. You save money and go there and turn your dream into a reality. 


BPY08 Celebrates their fifth anniversary! Five years since 35th SSEAYP!

27 10 2013


May 2010: What is everyone up to?

30 05 2010

It has been many months since we last saw each other on the great Nippon Maru. Just a quick recap of what we’ve been doing since then.

First and foremost, MUMMY!

Haha we don’t really call her Mummy, we do it to annoy her once in a while. We went to SIGA together and loves it when she comes for meals with us cause we are poor and she is rich. This is Ka Yati posing in front of a mosque in Ayutthaya during SIGA. We had so much fun there cause she’s got so many friends! :D


Nasron is so MIA!!! But he came to celebrate Michelle’s birthday. Here he is with Abang and G-zul. Remember when people used to confuse Ariffin and Nasron? Weird right?!

Najla is now a banker, working in a major bank in Bandar Seri Begawan, and last time I saw her, she has ‘someone’ to keep her busy! :) Happy for you dearest! This is the latest photo of her on her Facebook haha. We had lunch at her house when some students from the USA came for a study visit. :D

Rozy, or Datin as we call her, is so busy nowadays! Haven’t seen her in ages. Still have regular trips to Malaysia, despite saying “Goodbye Malaysia” last time we were there hahaha! Hmm…. are wedding bells ringing? You’d have to ask her yourself.


The most MIA of all the SGs in 35th SSEAYP!!!

Where is Mamul? Last photo I took with him was when we met during Yassin’s wedding! That was 4 months ago!!! He deleted his Facebook and never replies SMSs so I don’t know where he is. All I know is that he’s moved house to Rimba and is now very busy! I did see him during the National Day march in February. But hmm, didn’t get to speak. MAMUL SHOW YOURSELF!!!

Adz looks pretty happy nowadays. Looks like he went overseas in some cold country according to his blog. :) Not sure where though! Him, we all also haven’t seen in ages. Also seems to have deleted his Facebook.

As for me, I’ve been enjoying myself a lot after SSEAYP! Done like 4 jobs eversince and travelled quite a lot! I update my activities on my blog here. :) I am settling down this July perhaps with another new job. Can’t wait!


Yassin, as you all know, is now happily MARRIED to long time girlfriend, Yuli Remy!!! :D He went on an awesome long honeymoon in Pakistan and Phuket! Last time I saw him was during Kay MaPYo8’s visit to Brunei. He’s quite busy, as always. Is there a baby in the oven? Hehe, guess we’ll find out soon enough! NO PRESSURE but I hope so!!!!!!

Baby Erah! She is not working in a bank anymore but now working in a local phone company (not sure if I should disclose) but MAKE SURE YOU PAY YOUR BILL ON TIME OR SHE WILL CUT YOUR INTERNET OFF!!! *___*”


Photo of him and Abang Azeez hehe. Fai, our talented boy, is still working alongside our NL, Ka Yati somewhere in Kiulap. He was MIA always for a while but now he’s back! He’s been pretty active and busy ever since SSEAYP with cool new hobby, windsurfing! Right now he’s training PYs from previous years for a choir thing at Pusat Belia, so very busy. Good luck Fai!

The most cultured and most well-travelled of us all, Daphne! She keeps herself busy with volunteer work at the fun Toy Library she’s been telling me about. :) She’s been travelling a lot since SSEAYP, locations like Tibet, Myanmar and from what I hear, she’s planning a trip to Canada soon. Ganbatte Daph, have fun there! She regularly updates her blog with her travel stories and she writes very vividly so eventhough we don’t see her as often as we like, we still feel her presence. :)


Who is SGE?

Oh yes!

NABIL! He just celebrated his 40th birthday a few days ago. :P Always partying and amazingly still working and looks like he’s loving his job!

HEHE. Michelle our sports scientist is very very very busy now cause the Royal Brunei Armed Forces Anniversary is coming and she’s working in the ministry! Poor thing is so busy that she got a flu, sore throat and conjunctivitis all in one!!!! Let’s all wish her well. :D Michelle, maybe you don’t have enough endorphins.


Muahahah!!!! Lisa in her scrubs!!! Top nurse!!! One of our prettiest BPY08s, and our secret weapon against impending dangers. Haha! Haven’t seen her after coming back from Thailand/Myanmar, but she’s got herself a new place, and actually her job doesn’t require her to wear scrubs anymore. I’m just putting on this photo cause it’s so funny!!!

Our YL Ariffin commutes almost daily many kms away to KB but that’s changing now his house in KB is all spick and span. We had a little cleaning campaign last time at his new pad, which he insists is a “penthouse suite” haha. And and you can see, he’s got himself a new hobby: photography! In his long distance love life… well I guess you can ask him yourself! :P


Marco, our resident expert on Japan, is also quite busy nowadays. Last time I saw him was when Kay was here and we talked a lot about Japan haha. He went on a Japan tour recently and it was snowing! So lucky. :) Anyway, he’s still doing same old stuff. Hope to see him sometime soon. Come out of your cocoon!!!

Talented Miss Tini is now making quite a name of herself with her photos! Also a budding young photographer now she’s always posting her photos on Facebook for all of us to see. Keep up the good work Tini! :D


Sunny girl Rinah is still miles away doing her Masters in Brisbane, Australia. She’s now in the middle of finishing up her assignments, poor girl. We all miss you! Take care!

Magicman Coin is still up to his old tricks (pun intended). He was for a while working at our very own SSEAYP Cafe, but now he’s moved on to greener pastures. I hear he’s thinking of changing jobs again. Ahh yes, the carefree life of a youngster. :D Whatever you do next we wish you the best of luck Azim!

MOEL!!! One of the funniest BPYs also went to SIGA2010 in Ayutthaya with us. He really is such a riot! I don’t remember a moment with him that I don’t laugh in stitches. Hahah. Even Taku JPY08 agrees! This is Moel in Wat Chai Wattana Ram in Ayuthaya. We had fun there didn’t we Moel? Moel still works in Temburong and comes up to Bandar some weekends. :D


Our handsome boy, Fared keeps himself occupied with new hobby which is deejaying! Never heard him play cause he never invites us! :P Haha otherwise he’s still continuing his studies at the college in Kiulap. Always see him with his pretty little sidekick, Jiah. :D

Another one of our top nurses, Noi has also been MIA. She says if we want to bring her out, we have to give one month notice. *____*” So busy like crazy. Here she is above during ROB last year. So long ago! Last time we saw her was during Yassin’s wedding.

Gzul is now living in Myanmar, with his cabin mate, Phanh. :P


Acai our witchdoctor! Here he is wearing paintball attire for snorkelling underwater. Hahahah!!! He’s also one of the most well travelled BPY08s like Daphne, although he seems to be going to the Philippines a lot. Hmm! :P We see him when he’s not offshore on the oil rig where he works. :)

WHERE ON EARTH ARE YOU BROTHER???? Nurul is also one of the MIA BPY08!! What are you up to? Where are you!? Come outttt of your cave!!!

Khaty joined the High Performance Team Building activity at Pusat Belia when we joined SIGA. From looking at the photos look like she had fun! She’s also been busy but during her free time she;s been playing Zoo World a lot on her Facebook hahah! She’s such an environmentalist!


Our last SG, and the naughtiest! :P

Hahahahahahaha hilarious photo! Wan is pretending to be dead in a fire drill exercise conducted by the Fire and Rescue Department. He’s now working in a bank as well, but unfortunately that means we see him less as he works at odd hours! He says he’s going to Brisbane soon for a visit. Have fun Wan! :D

Last but not least, Hadi! After SSEAYP she joined the teaching industry and became a grown up.. :P She bought a new car! Don’t see her often either. This photo was taken when Chris was in Brunei, which was during Yassin’s wedding.

Guys, we need a reunion. :)


22 01 2010

Ak Haji Zul say: Please VOTE for me as YOUR FAVOURITE DJ in DJ 60 by PELANGI FM!

Type DJ GZUL and send to 99914

Also please come and support for DJ 60 SECs COMPETITION ON Friday, 29/01/10 (8pm) @ ICC

Always up to fun stuff. Good luck Daddy!

Vote for Azim Coin! :D

10 01 2010

Azim is nominated for a Best Magician competition thing. Support him by voting here. :D

(You need to register to vote but it’ll take less than a minute!)

FIRST BPY08 WEDDING: Yassin & Yuli

16 12 2009

Ok I’m sure you’ve heard from Facebook, but here it is again:

It’s Yassin’s wedding and all PYs from 35th SSEAYP are invited!!!

Yes he is finally tying the knot!

Yassin in Pink! :P

Yassin’s Wedding Ceremony

Time: 11am-2pm
Day: Sunday
Date: 17th January, 2010
Attire: B

Now, since we’ve heard that quite a few fellow PYs are coming, BPY08 will help you all with accommodation and transport while you are in Brunei. Of course you may contact your SG mates or closest BPY friend, and bunk in but if you’re a bit lost, we’ve identified the most affordable yet comfortable hotel called Jeruton Hotel, located only about 15-20 minutes away from the venue of Yassin’s wedding.

The hotel offers the following choices:

  • Executive Suite – B$78
  • Junior Suite – B$58
  • Deluxe or Standard Room – B$38

Click here to read more about Jeruton Hotel

Yassin has also arranged for your transport from the hotel to both wedding venues (groom’s and bride’s) so no worries on getting there. HURRY! Because since this is a particularly cheap hotel, a lot of Bruneians flock down there for weekend getaways so it’s frequently full.

So finally, regardless what your decision, we are happy to see you in Brunei. So that we can easily cater to your needs during your stay in Brunei, please fill out the form below okay!

We look forward to Yassin’s big day in January and having you all here! :)


P/S: I know I know it’s a bit overkill to have this form hahaha. But it’s just so that someone is there to pick you up and send you off at the airport and you have a nice place to stay during your visit. We’d really hate to see you stranded! Hehehe.

BPY Celebrates Ka Yati’s and December Babies Birthdays

16 12 2009

This was actually from a while back already (7th December, 2009) but in all the hustle and bustle of the Fuji Maru, never had time to post this. Erah and Ka Yati has the same birthday dates and a lot of the BPYs had their birthdays in December: Erah, Marco, Twins, Tne. So the BPYs organised a little get together that sadly only some could attend (which was quite sad). :( I wish you all could come cause we got you all a cake. Photos by Michelle/Michael.

(Lisa sleepy :P)

One in a group and the one below with only the girls!

Did you guys remember, we took the exact same photo last year in the Dining Room of our beloved Nippon Maru?

:) Only missing Brother. Time flies so fast! Happy birthday Ka Yati. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEE you!

And happy birthday to all December BPY08s! :)