Briyani Amal 1429: Coverage

20 09 2008

BPY of SSEAYP 2008 Representative accepting briyani pack from Guest of Honour, Dato Paduka Awang Hj Mohd Alimin, during the launching ceremony of the charity drive. Picture courtesy of D’Other Office Cafe & Bistro.

Thank you to all BPYs who came for the Briyani Amal 1429 despite the last minute decision making and disemination of information. You guys look stunning in the black KNK shirt! Hehe.

Most important of all, we did this in the name of charity and we hope the money raised will certainly go a long way in helping the lovely kids over at the Pusat Ehsan. :)

Some coverage (meaning pictures) from:

Don’t worry. More pictures to be uploaded soon!

<Edits: 27/9/08> More photos now available here.



3 responses

22 09 2008

Hmmm I think you got the spelling wrong for “Amal” somewhere ;) hehe

22 09 2008


7 02 2009
Our SSEAYP Attires « BPYs of the 35th SSEAYP 2008

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